Final Reflection

Although I have taken a diversity course during undergrad, which offered a lot on changing my perspective as a whole, this course offered more on diversity in the context of education. Given my prior knowledge it was easier connect with the course content. The biggest takeaway I had from the course was the impact of political decisions on educational institutions and how heavily decisions are influenced by dominate groups. Before, I was aware of the politics within the education system, however, I was unaware of the bias which soiled the system. Starting as a new teacher, I have come into this profession with the mindset of creating equal opportunities for all my students, spreading awareness of social justice issues, and creating a classroom environment which is responsive to the needs of individual students. It is disheartening to know that many institutions struggle with diversity issues, still today. Additionally, I was unaware that social justice standards existed. Although the world in which we live is not a perfect one, I am glad I have the tools to teach my students about social justice issues, so that they can make a difference.

Thank you for a lovely semester!

Alexis DeRitis

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