EDUC 577 Final Reflection #577

This course prepared teachers to be global citizens of the 21st century who are aware of diversity issues that touch the individual learners as well as educational institutions, and to use that understanding to improve teaching and learning.  The issues discussed different ethnicities, races, languages, socioeconomic status, and exceptionalities (physical, mental, emotional), and teaching for social justice, with a special focus on emergent bilingual learners.

  • Write A 250-500 word reflection on the diversity in the context of education. What was your biggest takeaway about diversity in education that you may not have realized prior to the course? You can reflect on this from different perspectives (public, private, and/ or policy).
  • Due Wednesday, 5/8 at 11:59 Pm EST

Social Justice Domains Photo Essay

Photo Essay: Social Justice Standards

There are four domains in  Social Justice Standards that you reviewed this week.

  1. Identity
  2. Justice
  3. Diversity
  4. Action
  • Review all of the elements listed under each domain
  • Once you have reviewed the Social Justice Standards you will look for evidence of each of the domains that you see present in your school (preferably). If you are not currently in a classroom, you may find examples from the community you live in.
  • You will take a picture of the thing you felt represented one of the four domains
  • Create a 5 slide Powerpoint presentation which:
  1. Includes demographic information about your school or community. You can find this information by search and search by school district. You will click on enrollment data and they will have charts of the demographics of the school. Use Pseudonyms
  2. Contains a slide for each of the 4 domains: justice, identity, diversity and action
  3. On each of the domain slides insert the picture you took and
  4. Explain what each domain entails ( a summary of the bullets, not every bullet listed in the standards).
  5. Gives an explanation of the picture you took, explain what it is and why you feel it falls in the specific domain.
  6. A brief written response to the following prompt:

What is the purpose of having social justice standards?

  • Post your photo essay WITH YOUR NAME ON THE FIRST SLIDE to the WordPress Blog. Please remember the hashtags #577 and #content

Strategies to Combat Stereotype Threat

This week’s blog posting has two parts; 1. explaining what stereotype threat is and 2. how to reduce stereotype threat in the classroom. You will discuss in 250-350 words what will explain what stereotype threat is and its impact in the classroom. You will then post your infographic on strategies to reduce stereotype threat that you read about this week. The infographic does not have to be all-inclusive; choose strategies that you think would be most useful in combating identity threat. Please post your responses by 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, February 24.  You will be responding to posts of your peers next week, so only do your initial post this week.

About Me: Introducing yourselves to your peers #577


Black History Month Activities

For this assignment, you will be making a screen cast video that introduces you to your peers. You will be using screencast-o-matic for this assignment. Please watch the tutorial below on how to use screencast-o-matic:


In your video, you will give a brief introduction that includes your name, background, professional experiences, what subject you teach, etc. The purpose of this video is to break the ice with your peers to create a sense of community in this course. You will choose an artifact to share in your video that reflects your cultural practices, values, history, or beliefs (e.g. a recipe book, a weaving, ring, game). You will explain to the class how this artifact reflects who you are.


Once you make your screencast, you will upload the video to YouTube and share the URL under in the WordPress blog  under the Identity #577 categories. You will comment on two of your peer’s videos by Tuesday, February 12th.

Category #577

EDUC 577-

After reading the three articles posted on Blackboard you will respond to the following prompt:

What do you perceive your responsibility as an educator to be to standing up against exclusion, prejudice, and injustice?

Be sure to include the readings in your post. You should adhere to APA guidelines and add your references at the end of your posts. You will post an initial post of no fewer than 250 words and respond to two of your peers’ posts by Thursday 9/13 and two additional responses will be due on Sunday, 9/16. There will be a total of 5 posts for the week. You may edit your initial posts throughout the week.

Make sure to watch the short video on Blackboard for instructions on how to post on Word Press. It is important to add the #577 hashtag.

I look forward to your posts!

Dr. Waid