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EDUC 577-

After reading the three articles posted on Blackboard you will respond to the following prompt:

What do you perceive your responsibility as an educator to be to standing up against exclusion, prejudice, and injustice?

Be sure to include the readings in your post. You should adhere to APA guidelines and add your references at the end of your posts. You will post an initial post of no fewer than 250 words and respond to two of your peers’ posts by Thursday 9/13 and two additional responses will be due on Sunday, 9/16. There will be a total of 5 posts for the week. You may edit your initial posts throughout the week.

Make sure to watch the short video on Blackboard for instructions on how to post on Word Press. It is important to add the #577 hashtag.

I look forward to your posts!

Dr. Waid