Stereotype Threats

By Jane Whelan

Stereotype threat is when students or people are scared that they are going to confirm a negative stereotype about themselves, this then causes that individual to perform poorly on assessments and tests. Stereotype threat can affect anyone, but students can be especially affected by it. Teachers should always be looking for ways to reduce or eliminate stereotype threats in the classroom. Stereotype threat can have a negative impact on the classroom. It can cause students score to go down even if they understand the material. All because they get stressed and scared that they are going to fall to the stereotype

There are many different ways to reduce the stereotype threat in the classroom. A few of the methods are to promote growth mindset, that mistakes are okay and that we can learn from them. That mistakes aren’t final. When you make a mistake use that as an example of how you are going to learn from your mistakes and move on. Thank students for correcting the mistakes when they see them. Let the students know that you have high standards for them and that they can all achieve these expectations. Try to reduce any physical reminders of stereotypes in the classroom. That way students aren’t reminded daily about the negative stereotype. Lastly, try to create an classroom environment that promotes diversity.  infographic